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Positive social change from a business perspective has implications for top management and decision-makers' most significant challenges in conducting organizational decline/failure research (Purves, Niblock & Sloan 2016). Then business leaders may use the study findings to change a multitude of cultures, the family, business, community, and society for leadership at all levels of the social interaction, both by the individual and as a group. It is these intrinsic and external strategies that are informed by these variables and factors in organizations.
Therefore, indicating the type of behavior needed to create positive social change through the identification and transfer of personality, knowledge, and heuristic experience gained through a real-world application. The implications of social change in leadership and organizational change initiatives as a guide to how an organization can change, influence, affect or impact the lives of all stakeholders through the decision-making process deep down and up the organizational infrastructure by understanding the continuum of personality factors.
Researchers have found it challenging to identify personality traits to define the different operational uses of terms and language due to a lack of longitudinal studies. Thus long term issues on whether the transfer of athletic development personality factors of individual merit any consideration within the organization relationship has any value. In the usage of the social exchange, social representation, and leadership theories as to the theoretical foundation of this study.
The use of sports ideology has other ramifications regarding the relationship to sports development, including the type of organization, sports for social change, engagement through sports, and other terms and language that need clarification (Tannenwald, 2013) although there is an increasing number of contradictions blocking scientific progress in empirical assertions emphasized by Einstein, which indicates that theoretical description is not directly dependent by the sciences but in creating new ideas and new theories (Marková, 2012).