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HJD has assembled a mix of strategy, finance, marketing, operations, and technology, skills necessary to help clients capitalize on business opportunities and address gaps.

HJD's approach is distinctive in four respects:

  • Our specialization in the financial services industry means that we begin projects far up the learning curve. We can deliver more value and sophistication in less time and for less cost


  • Our recommendations are driven by a focus on maximizing our clients' shareholder value. We have a bias toward insights based on analysis of the facts, new research, and application of modern finance


  • We have proven approaches and proprietary analytics that are useful on broad engagements related to growth and diversification strategies, merger planning and integration, expense control, and line-of-business management


  • We invest in building leading-edge viewpoints on the financial services industry. We are often rated as the firm delivering the most thought leadership

We operate in a collaborative style and have established long-term cooperative relationships.




Sports and Entertainment have become the center of modern international culture.  There is a limitless demand for quality content that sports and Entertainment fill with all media and technology channels' exponential growth. This includes television, the Internet, cable television, podcasts, home entertainment systems, digital video, and interactive television.


The Velvet Touch Investment Fund (Apparel, Footwear, Sports, Arts, Gaming, and Entertainment) will take advantage of the explosive growth of sports and Entertainment and provide investors the opportunity to take advantage of the current environment to yield an excellent return on their investment. The Velvet Touch Investment Fund would create a substantial pool of funds invested in a diversified portfolio of assets stated above. Other investments are to include communications and commercial real estate


Many large Hedge Funds and SPAC's are beginning to invest in Entertainment and sports to receive a higher yield on their investments.  These Hedge Funds have invested in specific media projects or with a producer or well-known media personality.


The Velvet Touch Investment Fund would identify, invest and oversee a diversified portfolio of projects including independent movies, television programs, new sports leagues, sporting events like championship boxing matches or tennis exhibitions, concert tours, and special events. The Velvet Touch Investment Fund would further diversify its investment assets in an assortment of projects, including the development of computer and gaming software and programs and traditional art such as paintings, sculpture, and other forms of art.

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