Program Development Corporation (PDC)

The Program Development Corporation is a sports & entertainment programming company that will develop a communication network for SAA Sports Media and its programming. Using sports ideology has other ramifications regarding the relationship to sports development types of organizations, sports for social change, engagement through games, and other terms and language that need clarification (Tannenwald, 2013) regarding our narratives and content.

These key performance behaviors in the culture of the celebrity involve intense media scrutiny, and because chief executive officers (CEOs) and top management have achieved near celebrity status with sufficient incomes, the characteristics of their Leadership has been magnified (Rechner & Smart, 2012). Besides, within the United States. Typically, at least one child in each family participates in an organized sport between 6 and 18 (Bean et al., 2014). It is essential to understand the impact of participating in sports, which is a primary activity for many youths and their families (Bean et al., 2014).


In essence, the strength of causal interpretations depends on the amount of evidence supporting longitudinal research of clearly defined variables (Brittin et al., 2015). Therefore, a need exists to strengthen future leadership development programs' effectiveness and offer solutions based on human biological learning processes and learning transfer (Holten et al., 2015).

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