Strategic Relationships 

Strategic Business Development Initiatives

Strategic Relationships
United Management Consortium (umconsortium) intends to help facilitate the strategic relationship with individuals and companies to formulate areas within their businesses that need the services and expertise to strengthen their operation. If you as an owner better understand the importance of business financial modeling and the line items that encompass your business model you will be more inclined to make better decisions about your enterprise. This clarity will enable the operation to work within guidelines that will enhance the success, growth, and scalability of your company.

Many companies think the way you make money is through sales and then more sales. This way of thinking has become old school regarding understanding the ingredients to successfully building a winning organization and team.


You must be able to control the cost of the operation and understand when you break even for the year. However, you must be able to develop a financial business model that is transparent and formulated in sound business practices. There has to be some understanding of the cost of the operation so that the enterprise will be able to make money and sustain itself.

So, in a nutshell, what should a new company’s planning team do? They should begin with a commitment to creating a process-centric business. They should model their organization as a system, and define its value chain and its major business processes. The system should then be refined into a business process architecture that defines the top two or three levels of processes and their relationships. Measures for each process should be identified, and a management system to support the processes should be put in place.


United Management Consortium is a privately held professional management and consultant company. We assist start-ups and emerging growth businesses in their administration and development of their business.


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